Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pillow project

I did it! I finally finished all the pillows for my bed. I am very pleased.

I did a small rectangular ruffle pillow for the front, pucker pillows for the middle, and plain straight pillows for the back.

Next project: bedskirt. YIKES! We rise our bed up cause we like it tall, AND Dante is so tall he can like rest his head on it- even when it's raised up, and we don't want to escalate the problem by keeping it regular height. So it looks really tacky I think....and I want a bed skirt!

I've had the ruffle and pucker pillows done for a LONG time...but I knew what fabric I wanted for the back pillows, and decided to wait to use birthday money for the fabric. I'm glad I did because that fabric was 50% off! Since it was seriously 8.99 a yard (and it's only cotton), I was glad I waited. The other pillows were made out of fabric laying around my sewing room. The yellow one was made out of one of Patty's old dresses:) The pucker ones were made out of this fabric I got a long time ago to go on the back of a second duvet cover. The fabric I used for my chair was the fabric I was planning on making that duvet cover with, so now I have a ton of that backing fabric. But it's been great because I've now used it on both pucker pillows, and all the backs of the plain polka-dot pillows. I know I'll end up using it for lotsa stuff.

I really want to get some art in our bedroom too. Along with painting our dressers. I just want to make our bedroom PERFECT! I've heard my mom say before, that designers always say that people decorate their bedroom LAST because guests never see it. But that you should decorate it FIRST, because it's supposed to be the most peaceful "hideaway" place for you, and you want it be a place you WANT to go. Make sense? I completely agree. Clay is like, "What's the point of the pillows? We are barely in there, and when we are, we'll just take them off." I told him that it makes me happy, and that's all that matters:)

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