Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I have moved all of these things on this blog to this blog:

Danielle's Spot

For more tutorials and recipes and stuff, go there :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

A few new things in the shop

Do you need a spooky apron to wear while cooking your spooky dinners? I have the answer for you.

The Skeleton Apron! I know I did it a bit backwards with introducing the Santa Apron before the Skeleton Apron, but you know...I'm human. If you want to make it yourself, go to my etsy shop (featured on the right side there), and purchase for 8 buckaroo's.

Another Halloween Decor item:

A cute little halloween words sign. I happen to love it! If you're interested in having one of these in your house too, I'm selling the digital file. Meaning, you can buy that and pay $4 instead of spending hours and hours trying to figure out the right fonts and such, and go print it at your local print shop. There are different colors available too!

Also, check out two new pillow cases I put in there. They are super cute.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Santa Pattern for sale!

So I'm doing something I've never done before, and I'm selling a pattern that I made:) Go check it out on my etsy shop. It's super fun and cute and anyone with beginners sewing skills could do it! The pattern has step by step instructions, with color pictures to go with them! The pattern is $8. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Funky candlestick decor tutorial

So I got this really great idea from my friend Lori. She had these adorable candle sticks and I complimented them, and she said she MADE THEM! So she told me how and I did it and I love em! They are definitely a little rusty and coulda been done better...but whatevs. I am NOT too picky.

Wanna know how to make them? EASY.

1. Get a bunch of candle sticks. If you tell people you're looking for candle sticks, they just might give some to you for free!

2. Mess with them to see which ones look best ontop of eachother. (You will need to mess with right side up...upside down...etc. Just play around with it and see all your options)
3. Glue them together.

4. Spray paint. I didn't even prime them.

Pretty easy! Since I already had all the spray paint from leftover projects, and half the candle sticks were given to me...the whole project cost me $2.18. Not bad...not bad at all. Some of them are a little funky...but I kinda like it that way! It took me long enough to do this. I saw the candle sticks at Lori's house probably like...a YEAR ago. Been meaning to do it since. I've had the candle sticks for months! Just haven't gotten around to it. Finally did it last week. YIPPEE!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Flower Pillow Tutorial

I have seen lots of circle flower pillows before, but I kinda decided I love mine best :)'s soooo super easy, and kinda unique for the flower world. It's also sloppy (kinda like all my stuff) which I tend to like. Here are the steps:

Take a bowl/plate/something round that is about the size you want and trace around the fabric you are using. Cut out two circles.

Draw a line about an inch from the edge all around one circle.

Cut lots and lots of strips and surge the sides in a rolled hem fashion.
Sew all the strips together in a long chain. I just sewed a bunch together, laid it out on the circle like i'd be sewing it, add more, check it, until I felt like the strip was long enough. It all kinda depends on how big you want your pillow.

If you don't have access to a surger, you could always hem the strips, or sew two strips together and turn them inside out. I like the surger look though, I think it gives it kinda an edge.

Next, you start from the outside, and start sewing! The line you made is the starting guide. Once you come full circle, start sewing about a half inch below the previous circle. Like this:

Make sense? You want them to overlap about 1/2 an inch I think.

I seriously just bunched the fabric when i got to a tough corner, and it totally works. If you do this throughout, it makes it look like that's how it's supposed to...and since this is my pillow, I have decided- that is exactly how it should look!

Once you get to the middle you just twist the tail and turn it and sew all over it.

After that you press the entire thing...if you look at mine, you will see some are pressed in, some pressed out, some all weird like- THAT is exactly the reason it looks so cool. It's not perfection, but it looks just as it should.

Next you put right sides together, and sew around leaving an opening for batting.
Stuff batting in.
Pin and sew the opening together!

Walah! A beautiful pillow.

You can also use this method to make a lace pillow like this!

I am also entering my turquoise one at the top in the Blogger's Pillow Party. I probably wont win cause they tend to pick more quilty-like pillows...but I figure I'd give it a shot anyway :)

Blogger's Pillow Party

Did those instructions make sense? I know they aren't the most detailed and I don't have pictures for every if you have a question, ask away! I'll get back to you on it.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Jewlery Boards Tutorial

Ever find a tacky/cool mirror like these?

I got the oval one from the DI for $15, and the curvy one from another thrift store for $25.

Well, I'm going to show you how to turn those....into THESE!

I made these jewelery boards for my two sister-in-laws for Christmas and they loved em! Just a warning....I started out taking pictures of each of them throughout the process...but that got tiring so I figured I could teach you taking pictures of just one! So....they transfer from two to one...but I used the same process on both! And I noticed I didn't take pics of a few of the steps...but I think it's pretty self explanatory.

So here we go:

1. Find a cool frame/mirror.

2. Take off the back and the mirror. I used the prongs of a hammer, and a flat head screw driver, to get staples out and screws out.
3. Kilz frames. Use Kilz Spray paint- I've found things look more store bought when you spray paint vs. brush paint...just my experience though!

4. Spray paint frames. For some reason I didn't take a pic...but if you don't know how to spray the can :) If you want to glaze it, wait till the spray paint is dry. Then I suggest following 's instructions on glazing! It's super duper easy.

5. Get a board. I found this board in my garage! Score. Don't know where it came from, but it worked! Trace around the mirror onto the board.
6. Get a jigsaw, and saw around the shape! I did this all on my own! I was so proud of myself!!!
And no, it's not mandatory that you wear a paintballing mask while doing it...I am just protective of my eyes!!! And that was the only protective thing I could find in the garage:)

7. Sand edges a titch so that they don't hurt you during the rest of the process :)

8. Put fabric face down, then put the board ontop of the fabric. Pull fabric as tight as you can and tape it!
9. Use a hot glue gun to glue the fabric in place. I found that the tape wasn't the strongest of I took one piece of tape off, then glued (pulling as tight as can be!). I would suggest STILL taping it first, cause it places it in the general spot you want just makes it easier.
I know this pic doesn't do much for ya...but it's kinda hard to glue gun and take a pic at the same time. But just glue gun within an inch from the edge and you'll get the tightest look. Which you want. Trim excess fabric from back.

11. Place frame ontop of board, and then place hooks where you think you want them...then snip TINY snips with TINY scissors where you want hooks. If you're putting in a headband holder, here is the time to make it.
a) Cut ribbon length of frame + 4 inches.
b) Cut another piece of ribbon that is smaller same length
c) Place smaller ribbon ontop of bigger ribbon and sew little slots for headbands. I made mine various sizes. Make sure you backstitch when you begin and end! These slots will see a lot of action so you want them to be able to hold up through time.
d) Glue gun them to the spot you want them! Make sure you leave enough space at the bottom or side for the headbands to know, so they aren't squooshed against the frame?

12. Screw hooks in and make your fingers really tired! (My right pointer finger still has a callous from this process...and it's been like 2 weeks!) Note- my hooks stuck out a titch in the back...this was really okay! Cause I still had to put the back of the frame they were covered! As long as they don't stick out A TON- you're okay.

13. Put the back of the frame on however it was put on originally. One of the frames I screwed screws in, the other one I staple gunned.

14. LOVE IT!

Seriously- this was soooo fun and so rewarding. The girls loved em and I really need to make one for myself now!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Target Flower Pillow Tutorial

Have any of you seen this pillow from target?
It's soooo cute, right? Well, I decided I wanted it. Not in yellow, and not by paying $30ish dollars. Soooooooo I made one meself!

Here goes.

1. Cut out two squares. I did the back of my pillow in a pattern, similar to the target one. These are 17" x 17" squares.

2. Fold the plain square in half one way, and in half the other way. Mark with a pin on all the folds (center, side, top).

3. Find a circle that is around 3 1/2" in diameter. If it's a little bigger that's just fine! I wouldn't go smaller though.

4. Trace around the circle 9 times. I just eyeballed the right spots based on the pin marks. I'm SURE someone can figure out a more calculated way to do this...I just didn't feel like it!

5. Make a strip that is 5/8" thick. This does not have to be real in lined up with the selvage or whatever. I seriously took old random fabric and took the longest edge, and folded it over...lined the fold on 5/8" mark on the sewing machine, and sewed! It was VERY sloppy...but this project really doesn't need precision (at least for the flower parts)! This strip should be approximately 50" long.

6. Turn strip right side out. This part proved to be VERY TRICKY for me...until I realized...HELLO GENIUS! Do this! So I tried to picture it...but it's difficult. Basically, put a long safety pin through the top...about 1/2" down.

Then...slyly turn the pin upside down!

After you do that you can just push it through and pull. Good luck. It's still a little difficult with such a small width.

7. Iron strip flat.

BTW- This part doesn't need to be perfect either! The seam can be all over the place if it tries to do so...mine did a lot and I just let it. As long as the strip is flat, we are good to go!

8. SEW THE STRIP ON! And make it into a pretty flower! This takes a few pointers.
First of all, when you start, fold the raw edge over, so that it is hidden and looks nice and clean. You basically want to put the left edge of the strip, a little over the circles line. As you are sewing, you will come to a curve and this will seem really awkward....
You're thinking...wait a the heck do i sew this flat? WELP, ya don't! This is how they make those little flowers so cute! You fold it over. Like so...
You see? Instead of bunching it, you fold it flat. Then you just sew right over that, and continue folding everytime you're put in a situation like that where you feel like you're having to bunch it at a curve.
You see?

So continue doing that. All around the circle. I suggest overlapping the rows like half way. Meaning when you move onto another row (moving towards the inside of the flower) overlap halfway over the last row you sewed. Eventually you'll get to the middle...
This part can be confusing do you make that perfect middle? Here's the's really easy! But kinda hard to take pictures of. I'll try my best to guide you through it.

First, twist the tail a bit.
Next, swirl it around the presser foot/needle (make sure your needle is down at this point and pressure foot is up). Fold under the raw edge and just kind of bunch it in with your swirl. It may look funny, but it really does turn out just fine.
Put your pressure foot down and sew a triangleish type shape ontop of the outer swirl. Then continue your triangleish shapes inward towards the center. Backstitch and your done!
See? It looks a little messy, but personally I think it fits perfectly with the look. If you want you can spend the time to go around the swirl perfectly... but I think this looks just great! And it's quick!

9. Iron the flower.

This is actually really important. It just solidifies everything and makes it look professional.

10. Continue the flowers until you have completed all nine. This actually takes a LONG TIME! Don't get discouraged! The finished product is WORTH the time.

11. PIPING! First, cut strips about 2-3" thick. This all kind of depends on how thick your piping is...just make sure you have 1/2" excess on each side when you wrap the fabric around the piping. If you have to piece together the strips like I did, make 45 degree angles (I think that's right? teehe) on the edges.

Then you place them like this.
NOTE: this pictures i kinda deceptive. I cut one strip bigger than another strip...they should all be the same width. After I sewed the seam there, I trimmed the wider strip down to the smaller one. I only sewed the length of the smaller one....Make sense? Sorry!

Sew them together and press. This way when you wrap the strip around the piping, it will look like this:
This is better than just sewing two normal pieces together because it makes it so it's not so thick in one spot.

Next, use your normal pressure foot still...wrap the strip around the piping and pin it, and sew along the edge. This just makes it easier when you are sewing it on the actual pillow.

Next, pin piping all around the flower square. Make sure you put raw edges together.
When you get to the ends of the piping, unpick the seam a bit so that you can fold under the fabric. Cut piping inside so that it fits together properly, and you can put the folded edge ontop of the other raw edge. See?
Now, use your normal pressure foot still, and sew around the pillow.

Next, pin right sides of pillow squares together.

NOW, use your zipper foot. Feel with your fingers the piping and sew as close as you can to it. You can move your needle far to the left for this.
TIP- I have found that when doing corners, it turns out better if you sew a little bit on the piping itself. I don't know why...I think if you DON'T do this, it always is too loose (for me anyway).

Make sure you leave an opening to turn right side out!

Turn right side out (poke corners out), and stuff with stuffing. I used batting from an old pillow I didn't like.
Pin shut.
Now the best way to do this would be to hand stitch this closed. However....I just sewed it with my machine. It isn't the prettiest that way, but it works and you really wont ever see it unless examining it!

And whala!

A mock target pillow for my polka dot chair, that I love SO MUCH! Good luck! Comment with a link to yours if you make one! :)

Blogger's Pillow Party
I entered my pillow in the Blogger's Pillow Party! Hope I win cause the prize is pretty pretty fabric :)