Thursday, June 23, 2011

Funky candlestick decor tutorial

So I got this really great idea from my friend Lori. She had these adorable candle sticks and I complimented them, and she said she MADE THEM! So she told me how and I did it and I love em! They are definitely a little rusty and coulda been done better...but whatevs. I am NOT too picky.

Wanna know how to make them? EASY.

1. Get a bunch of candle sticks. If you tell people you're looking for candle sticks, they just might give some to you for free!

2. Mess with them to see which ones look best ontop of eachother. (You will need to mess with right side up...upside down...etc. Just play around with it and see all your options)
3. Glue them together.

4. Spray paint. I didn't even prime them.

Pretty easy! Since I already had all the spray paint from leftover projects, and half the candle sticks were given to me...the whole project cost me $2.18. Not bad...not bad at all. Some of them are a little funky...but I kinda like it that way! It took me long enough to do this. I saw the candle sticks at Lori's house probably like...a YEAR ago. Been meaning to do it since. I've had the candle sticks for months! Just haven't gotten around to it. Finally did it last week. YIPPEE!!!

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Kayleen said...

i love these. every time I spray paint something it doesn't really turn out. I actually just recently ruined my mother-in-laws lamp!! what's your trick?