Saturday, October 1, 2011

A few new things in the shop

Do you need a spooky apron to wear while cooking your spooky dinners? I have the answer for you.

The Skeleton Apron! I know I did it a bit backwards with introducing the Santa Apron before the Skeleton Apron, but you know...I'm human. If you want to make it yourself, go to my etsy shop (featured on the right side there), and purchase for 8 buckaroo's.

Another Halloween Decor item:

A cute little halloween words sign. I happen to love it! If you're interested in having one of these in your house too, I'm selling the digital file. Meaning, you can buy that and pay $4 instead of spending hours and hours trying to figure out the right fonts and such, and go print it at your local print shop. There are different colors available too!

Also, check out two new pillow cases I put in there. They are super cute.

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