Sunday, June 27, 2010

Anthro Apron

So do any of you love I'm pretty much inlove with it. I drool over their aprons, kitchen gadgets, bowls, shower curtains, clothes, home decor, pretty much ALL of it. They are OUTRAGEOUSLY priced though. I have been eying this apron for quite some time....
....and finally gained the confidence to just create it myself!
I was surprised at how AWESOME it turned out! Yeah, it's much more simple and totally different style as far as fabric goes...but I think this is MUCH MORE me, and I really just love it.

See? Look how happy I am in it!

I might have to make some more. Here's the awesome part about it- the lime green top part I used from a button-up shirt Clay didn't like, and all the cotton fabric was leftover fabric from old projects! Holy smokes- I LOVE WHEN I DO THAT!

And if you're wondering if I completely made up the pattern, I did! So I'm kinda thinking the next time I make one I'll probably just make pattern pieces or something so that it's easier, and maybe I can share with you!

PS. Do you guys love my blog layout/buttons/everything? Totally the doing of my sweet genius of a husband! I had very specific things I wanted and was pretty much VERY demanding...he took my lame drawing and put it all together! I love it.


Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

Firstly, I LOVE Anthropologie. I just did an Anthro-Inspired look for less this weekend!

Also, the apron turned out super super cute! I love it.

And you blog layout looks great!

I'm your newest follower! (I am super inspired by your chair reupholstery! I can't wait to try to tackle my sofa!)

Sharon/mom said...

I have never been to that website, I should check it out, or maybe I shouldn't! :-) I love the apron!! I am so glad you took those college classes, what a difference it has made in your life!! I love your new layout, Clay is awesome. I love your sense of humor!!! love you!!!

Brittany Flint said...

oh my heck this is so so cute! i love ruffles again! and could we start a apron fad because i think that apron looks so cute as just an outfit. think of this if wear a super cute apron every day it acts as 2 things very useful because you can accessorize with pockets and just plain super cute addition to an outfit! think about it!


danielle- I love the layout- I love hte buttons- it looks so good! It's too bad it wasn't set up this way when you were featured, but I'm sure some people are still checking you out. I LOVE the apron!!!! it is so cute!!!! I'm going to check out your buttons now.


AND- you look really pretty in the pic!

Kristina at The Purple Pea said...

Layout looks fantastic! Yay Hubs! And cute apron. I love Anthropology too :)