Saturday, May 1, 2010

Turquoise end table

Lets start with a story. A few months ago I was at the good ol DI. One of my favorite shopping centers. I happened to stumble upon this proud beauty.
I wanted it REAL bad. was like...$28 bucks or something like that. I'm a SUPER cheap person, and so that was just too spendy for my liking. I knew it was just recently put on the floor cause I like to regularly stroll through DI and I'd never seen it before. I sadly walked away thinking someone would snatch it quick. Over the next month I thought about it often...wondering if it was still there. A month later I went to DI cause we needed an end table to set a lamp on. Low and behold my end table was there! Except it was changed. It now didn't look so proud, but a bit lonely...with just an $8 price tag on it! Poor guy....lucky me. So I texted Clay the very pic you see above, and he said- GET IT! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! Now....I showed my co-workers the table, and they were like...uh- danielle, my parents had tables like that in the 70's...what are you thinking? I, of course, have visions many people can't comprehend.

I've seen a spray paint color on, that she uses on LOTS of her furniture and I LOVE IT! I searched all over town for it. NO ONE HAD IT! Oh my gosh. So I google the exact color, and what do you know? DISCONTINUED! I almost cried. Until I googled it again, and saw that someone was selling it! I bought 3 cans, just to be safe:) And I also bought Ralph Lauren glaze that uses as well, and badabing badaboom- came up with this!

The best part of this furniture? The amazing woodworking details that POP with the glaze. Oh how we love it! So now we have this AWESOME piece of turquoisish bluish furniture and it basically is awesome. Except now that the table looks so awesome we realize the lamp needs some sprucing...that's the next project! Wanna know where I learned how to glaze like that? I bet you can guess- Seriously- probably best blog for furniture re-purposing instructions.

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Sarah's Salvages said...

This is one of the coolest transformations I've ever seen. That color with the black glaze is AWESOME!